Diligent, Observant, Cunning – Know Your Place

What do you need in your arsenal of tactics to send a clear message to your opponents that you are a player not to be messed with? Below, are a few effective suggestions you’ll need to know: Block Bets, Small Ball Poker, The Squeeze Play, Mixing Up Your Play, Controlling the Pot, and Positioning.

  • Block Bets: making blocking bets are fine, but beware when playing against players that believe in taking high risks. Blocking Bet should, as a rule, be around thirty per cent of the pot.
  • Small Ball Poker: Some professionals favour small pot/ball to build up their stacks without risk. A lot of money can be made by playing ‘small ball’ in the early stages of a tournament against bad players. But, know your players: The Weak Tight, The Calling Station, The Big Pot Guy, et al.
  • The Squeeze Play: Want to completely baffle your opponents? Then use the powerful squeeze play – however, use it correctly or you could lose all your chips.

Mixing Up Your Play

Action games demand action players to succeed. Waiting for a good hand won’t make you come out ahead. Playing a wide range of hands aggressively is advised.

Controlling the Pot

Don’t get frenzied around cash. There are a couple of simple ways that you can limit your risk and your exposure. Control yourself, protect your stack and disguise your hand. Limping and then raising is a good way to disguise a good hand as it drags out value from the rest of the players. Be wary of other players’ efforts to control the pot – raise them out of their comfort zone.


Where you are sitting has strategic consequences. Earlier positions act first and need a stronger hand to bet, raise or call than players in later positions. On the other hand, later positions allow time for a better reading of other players and the game.