Best assassin games online

There are plenty of assassin games on the Internet, but most of them are really terrible. Here are three that most people will agree are fun and are going to hold your attention for the longest.

Stealth Assassin

This is a mix between a puzzle game and an assassin game. You operate from above, so it doesn’t look too advanced at first. The puzzle side of the game is what gives the game playability. You have to run over the green person whilst navigating the halls and avoiding the security. The only powers you have are a cloak you use whilst stood still, and the ability to run very quickly for a very short space of time. The game becomes more playable as it gets harder, but then it becomes less forgiving. It has similar pros and con to the “Commandos” series of PC games.

Tactical Assassin 2

It is a primitive game, but then most of them are. This assassin game has more going for it than most because it has a fair amount of depth. The trouble is that you have to get through training and the first levels before you get to anything worth playing. It is going to put a lot of people off having to go through sniper training and such, but give the game enough time and you will warm to it. You get to buy new things in the game’s store, which helps you complete the missions. The downside is that the game is unforgiving in some areas. For example, fail to hit three out of six targets and you fail, which is fair enough, but the shots are very tough and take a lot of aiming.

Tactical assassin

Some people are going to be put off by the fact this is a black and white game, but it is a lot more fun than it looks. You have to read the brief on each mission and try to figure out which one you are supposed to shoot. It is a little like an assassin puzzle game and after just one shot you will be hooked. It is not fancy in any way, and it throws you right into the action. You also get as many tries as you like, so there is little to dishearten you and make you want to stop. Give it a try once and you will see why it is so popular.